Fibre Reinforced Composites

Your teeth are valuable!

Missing or loose teeth are a common problem for patients. The traditional method of replacing missing teeth involves either building a new tooth from metal or porcelain or placing an implant. This often requires also damaging the healthy adjacent teeth.

At the same time, irreplaceable tooth tissue is lost. In addition, traditional treatment options require several visits, which may increase the total cost.

Today there is an easy, patient-friendly way to solve problems caused by missing or loose teeth. Fibre technology allows us to save as much healthy tooth tissue as possible, as the fibre reinforcements can often be glued to the surface of the tooth without drilling.

This technology also enables repairing the solutions in a cost-effective way if necessary, because the fibre reinforced structure does not have to be removed and completely rebuilt.

Fibre reinforcements have proven to be durable and reliable. This innovative way of replacing and saving your teeth has been developed for over 10 years. The patient receives immediate treatment, and one treatment visit is often sufficient.

Key Benefits

Treatment options are chosen on the basis of many individual factors, such as the condition of the teeth, general health, age and economic situation. When selecting the best treatment option, we consider not only the current situation but also the foreseeable future. Tooth tissue is saved with treatment options that use Fibre reinforcements. No irreversible actions are performed on the teeth, so that all other treatment options remain available.

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